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Watering a concrete slab may sound odd, but it’s vital in getting the strongest finish out of your concrete for years to come. If you have a new concrete slab on your property, watering is an important part of the curing process, essential in keeping your concrete intact by increasing durability and preventing stress or cracking. Keep reading for more information on what curing is and how to properly take care of your newly set concrete.

What is curing? Why is it recommended?

Curing concrete is more than just wetting it. It controls and prevents moisture loss in the concrete and regulates its temperature, maintaining a specific relative humidity. The purpose of curing is to keep the concrete hydrated. This process is something that should immediately begin after concrete is poured. Newly set concrete has a period in which it gains strength, and the curing process assures the concrete remains tough, durable, and watertight.

How do I properly cure my concrete?

The best way to cure is with continual and consistent watering of the concrete. The concrete must be saturated 5-10 times per day for at least the first 7 days, but ideally 28 days to reach its full effective strength. Sprinkling and ponding are two effective methods for keeping your concrete moist. Sprinkling is just like it sounds: using sprinklers or a similar watering system to wet your concrete several times a day, making sure it never has a chance to dry. Ponding uses a bund wall, or retaining wall, to hold water on the entire surface of the concrete, assuring it always remains wet. When the water evaporates, it simply needs to be refilled.

When is my concrete fully stable?

To ensure your concrete is developed entirely, we recommend waiting 24 before walking on it (including pets), 10 days before driving light vehicles or adding furniture, and 28 days for large vehicles such as heavy pick-ups or RVs. After the full 28 days, your concrete will be fully developed to its’ exceptional finished product and can be stained or painted if you’d like.

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