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In today’s world, DIY projects are king. Whether finding inspiration from Pinterest or YouTube, people are more willing to tackle their projects. However, some projects should still be left to the professionals – no matter how many videos you’ve watched. One of these jobs is concrete installation. A professional should always be used for concrete installation, no matter how savvy of a DIY-er you consider yourself.   

Experience Matters   

Pouring concrete can be a much more complicated process than it seems from the outside. Not only do you need the right equipment and materials for the job, but the process also includes precise skill, knowledge of the materials, and thorough planning. Experts in the field usually have years of prior knowledge and experience in concrete installation. They know what planning is necessary and how to avoid potential problems.   

The Right Tools   

It’s no secret that good tools can get expensive fast, especially when trying to DIY a project. However, concrete installation experts have access to industry-standard tools and know what is best for the job. Not only that, but they also have had years of perfecting their product mixtures. This difference in product and tool quality truly does matter for long-lasting concrete.   

Custom Design Options   

One of the most significant advantages of using a professional is that you aren’t limited in your concrete design. Concrete should last, so why be stuck with an aesthetically displeasing look for years? Concrete installation experts can customize your concrete for your space. Add a pop of color or some beautiful stamping. The experts at Shepherd Concrete love creating eye-catching concrete statements for you!   

Anticipation of Potential Problems   

Experts are called experts for a reason. They know what can happen in concrete installation because they’ve been doing it for years. They have seen the many ways problems can arise. Because of this knowledge, these professionals know how to safeguard their process against potential issues. Or, if intractable issues happen, they know the best way to fix them with minimum disruption. Just some problems that can occur from trying to pour your concrete include:   

  • Cracking   
  • Slumping   
  • Uneven surfaces   
  • Concrete not curing properly   
  • Too thin of slab  

With some of these problems, you will have to tear up the entire concrete slab to start over. Avoid this altogether by having the process done right the first time!   

A Quicker Timeline   

We all know people who start a new DIY project every other week, and somehow, not even one has been completed. Maybe this person is even you. DIY projects can be drawn out for months (or even years) because of poor planning or skills. However, concrete installation experts know how to get the job done correctly and quickly. So, get the concrete you want fast!   

As you can see, concrete installation is no easy DIY task. Don’t draw out a project that could take forever and end up done poorly in the end. The concrete installation experts at Shepherd Concrete have been pouring concrete for over 30 years! Shepherd Concrete can complete the project you want in the highest quality manner with a strong emphasis on honest and reliable customer service.   

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