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Concrete Floor

3 Concrete Floor Options for Any Business  

By November 14, 2022No Comments

When considering the logistics of your business’s office or retail space, the floor should not be overlooked. Not only will you want the floor to look nice to appeal to potential customers or provide a comfortable environment for your employees, but you will also need to consider maintenance costs and long-term durability. What’s the point of having a great-looking floor if you need to replace it every other year? Because of these considerations, many commercial spaces are now turning to concrete floors. 

Concrete is the Material of Choice When it Comes to Commercial Flooring 

It may not always be the first material that comes to mind when considering flooring, but concrete is nonetheless increasing in popularity as business owners recognize its numerous benefits. For one, concrete is extremely durable standing up to heavy foot traffic and years of wear. This durability paired with a relatively lower cost, versatility in style, and easy maintenance make concrete flooring an incredible option when it comes to commercial spaces. The best part: there are many different options when it comes to concrete flooring. 

Stained Concrete Flooring 

Just because your floor is constructed of concrete doesn’t mean it has to have the look of concrete. Through staining, concrete can appear as many different substances such as flagstone, hardwood, and marble to name a few. The difference is that the concrete flooring will not need the same amount of extensive maintenance that these traditional flooring materials usually require.  

Polished Concrete Flooring 

A simpler style that still looks great is to go for polished concrete. Perhaps one of the main reasons business owners love this type of flooring is because of how well it reflects ambient lighting. This allows for brighter office space and saves on energy. This type of flooring is also great for spaces that will be driven across often. Forklift tires will not be worn down as easily by this smooth surface. 


To provide an ever stronger, durable surface to your concrete floor, consider utilizing an epoxy coat. This coating even allows for a variety of colors and textures to be added to achieve different aesthetic effects. One of the best times to employ this method is when you have older concrete that may already have some damage. Epoxy can be used to fill in cracks and provide an additional protective layer.  

Combine Style with Durability through Concrete Flooring 

Commercial spaces don’t have to sacrifice style in place of having a durable floor that will stand up to heavy foot traffic or machinery. Concrete is an incredible option that can deliver a versatile look, has low maintenance needs, and can save businesses money. 

Make an appointment with Shepherd Concrete today to see how a concrete floor can help your business! 

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